Exterior KoolDuct Ductwork Applications

Air distribution is a part of a construction project that is often ignored, yet accounts for up to 30% of the HVAC energy utilized. Building construction has employed thermal transmission reduction initiatives though the emerging energy codes, but most ducting systems in the US have not even achieved the performance of the average windows being installed today. When you combine the thermal performance with air leakage rate experience your existing duct is letting you down.

More imminent in most duct systems is migration of water into the air passage system. The proof is on the roofs of buildings that employ outdoor ductwork. As duct systems leak, they inflate and deflate the outer protective layer that is intended to provide water integrity. Over time the performance of the moisture barrier degrades to a point where moisture is allowed in. Moisture reduces the performance of the insulation and augments microbial growth either on, or in, the duct.

KoolDuct offerings of industry solutions like no other that meet or exceed the ASHRAE and ICC Energy Codes not only today but 10 years from now.

KoolDuct Benefits:
Kool Duct Case Studies:
The Ice House
A three story complex of "green condominiums." The perfect place for Kingspan KoolDuct.
BBC Glasgow Building
BBC Scotland's new headquarters is benefiting from lightweight but strong Kingspan KoolDuct.
Bausch and Lomb
Stringent demands for hygiene and safety made revolutionary Kingspan Koolduct pre-insulated ducting the natural choice for a major project to install air conditioning throughout the Livingston production plant of Bausch and Lomb, a leading manufacturer of contact lenses.

Aberdeen University
Extreme limitations of space made Kingspan KoolDuct, the latest in ducting technology, the ideal solution for a major £8.8 million refurbishment project at Aberdeen University.

Birmingham Treatment Center
Kingspan KoolDuct zero ODP, the latest in ducting technology, was chosen for the
Birmingham Treatment Centre, a £32 million NHS showcase healthcare facility that will provide a fast track service for around 170,000 patients a year.
Edinburgh Airport
Kingspan Koolduct, brand leader in the latest air ducting technology, has played a key role in a £100 million new build and refurbishment project that has doubled the size of Edinburgh Airport's passenger terminal.
RF Brookes Food Processing Plant
The high level of quality demands from its customers made Kingspan Koolduct the
natural choice of ducting for the company which prepares pre-cooked meals for Britain's major high street retailers and restaurant chains.
Luther Home of Mercy
Two identical buildings were constructed; One with KoolDuct, the other with Wrapped Sheet Metal.
Scottish Exhibition Centre
The advanced pre-insulated ducting technology of the Kingspan KoolDuct System
was chosen for a new build project within the world famous Scottish Exhibition + Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow.
The Kingspan KoolDuct
The Kingspan KoolDuct system is a pre-insulated, high efficiency air duct system suitable for a variety of air distribution applications. It offers advantages over sheet metal ductwork, being lightweight, needing shorter installation time, having virtually no air leakage and offering high R-Values. This system is changing the HVAC industry. For more information on the complete Kingspan KoolDuct System, please contact us.

Why KoolDuct?

  • UL 181 Listed Product
  • High R-Values
  • Low Air Leakage
  • Fiber Free Insulation
  • Space Saving
  • Lightweight
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Outstanding Fire and Smoke Performance
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